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On your India trip, be a part of India's vibrant fairs and festivals to witness the true essence of its culture, traditions and customs in full vigor. Held at different towns, cities and villages from time to time, these fairs and festivals are an absolute treat for the soul. Diwali festival is celebrated allover in India. Pushkar Camel Festival, Holi in Mathura, KumbhMela, Eid, International Kite Festival, SurajkundCrafsMela, Elephant Festival, Baisakhi, RathYatra and many more, all these festivals and fairs provide a memorable holiday experience in different parts of Incredible India.


– India being the Land of Diverse cultures & religions, countless festivals are celebrated throughout the year. People of the same religion follow different customs, based on the region in which they live. The celebrations include prayers to the Gods, rituals, meeting with friends, sharing of sweets &gifts.There are festivals to the various Hindu Gods, Lords of the season. Most Indian festivals follow the lunar calendar and not the solar calendar.


- India is famous for its kind of fairs, most of the fair held in India are either religious fairs or celebration of change of seasons. A number of big fairs are held at important places of pilgrimage, KhumbhMela the largest gathering in the world held at three Holi cities of India. Kolkata Book Fair is the world’s third largest annual conglomeration of books and world’s largest non-trade book fair. The famous Sonepur Cattle Fair near Patna is the biggest cattle fair in Asia and world’s largest animal fair. India is a land of fairs and festivals, every month there is a fair held at different regions of India, Some of the big religious fairs in India are Pushkar Fair, Baneshwar Fair Gangasagar Fair, TarnetarMela, ChaitreChaudashmela, Nagaur fair, and many monsoon fairs.

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