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Location : State : Uttar Pradesh ( North India )

Varanasi or Kashi, the City of Ethereal beauty is the most holy and one of the ancient Hindu cities in the world. The gratifying culture, traditions and legendary legacy of this glistening city are implicitly supreme.

The city of Bananas one of the important pilgrimage centre of Hindus is spread in an area of on the bank of the holiest of all Indian rivers, the Ganga or Ganges. Varanasi. Said to be the first created spot on earth According to legend, Varanasi is the first created spot on the universe, where one can hope for attaining nirvana by intoning mantras and devoting oneself to feet of God. Its devotees belief that a exhilarating bath in the holy waters of river Ganga will wash away one’s sins.

Prime Attractions

The Ghats: On the river banks of Varanasi, are lined eighteenth and nineteenth-century temples with endless chains of stone steps, known as Ghats. Every day thousands of devotees take a hole dip on the riverbanks. Famous Ghats are; Asi Ghat to Kedara Ghat, Chauki Ghat to Chaumsathi Ghat, Dashashwamedha Ghat .

Vishwanatha Khanda: At the heart of Varanasi.The temple Visheshwara customarily known as The Golden Temple, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the "Lord of All". A15.5m gold plated minaret ornate the temple. The prime attraction, the shivalingams, which is hidden behind the wall, can be access through the most unpretentious gateways.

Benaras Hindu University (BHU: Covering an area of 2000 acres Benaras Hindr University is one of the biggest and oldest universities in North India. Bharat Kala Museum :In the premises of the university there houses a museum containing a rich accumulation of valuable and unique ancient artifacts, sculptures, paintings and scripts written by hand.

Excursions around Varanasi

Sarnath: At a distance of 40 Km. more know for its battle scenes. 10 kms away is the sight where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermons after his enlightenment.

Shopping: Varanasi is also a shopping head for famous, Banarasi silks textiles mainly saris, an Indian traditional dress. Other items are brass ware and copper ware, wooden and clay toys and charming gold jewelry, the hand - knotted carpets of Mirzapur have a woldwide demand. Main specialty of Banaras : ‘ Langda Aam’, a variety of mango.

How To Get There

By Air: The city is well connected by Delhi, Mumbai

By Rail: Varanasi is connected by rail with all the major cities in India

By Road: All the major cities are well connected by means of road transport. Good bus service connects Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

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