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Destinations:Kanheri Caves

Tour Duration: 07-08 Hours

09.00 AM : Pick up from your hotel
In the morning meet with our representative in the lobby of your hotel to start a 01 and a half hours drive to Kanheri Caves.

10.30 AM : Reach Kanheri Caves
Reach Kanheri Caves as around 10.30 and start your tour with our guide. This tour takes you to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park to see the Buddhist caves at Kanheri. The group of rock cut monuments, Kanheri is considered to be the most airiest place in Mumbai city. Located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park away from the bustling and noisy metropolitan life of Mumbai, Kanheri offers a pleasant break for the travellers. Dating back to 1st century BC the monuments of Kanheri are considered to be the oldest cave formation found in India. Kanheri provides us an uncommon opportunity to understand monastic life in ancient India. Located on a prosperous trade route, Kanheri saw continuous occupation from the 1st century BC, until the decline of Buddhism in India in the 9th century AD. The carvings and architecture of Kanheri reflect the older, more austere Hinayana Buddhism as well as the later, more popular Mahayana. The caves of Kanheri were largely used by the monks for prayers and study like a mini-university. During the stay here the monks developed the way of sourcing and harnessing the rain water which they used for their everyday life during prayers and study in the caves. The superbly designed quarters of senior Monks, beautiful water cisterns, clever stairways chiselled into the hill, prayer halls, separate dining halls, dormitories are the main attraction of the rock cut monuments of Kanheri. Spread over a land of 9000 hectares, away from the busy and crowded Mumbai city the caves of Kanheri are largely undisturbed. You can also see many speciies of birds and animals in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, including deer, antelope, civets, mongoose, langurs, leopard etc. The park comes alive after the monsoon when the locals from Mumbai rush to the lush green park for a break from their busy lifestyle.

12.30 PM : Drive back to your hotel
The Kanheri Caves tour may last for about two hours. After finishing the tour we drive back to Mumbai where you will be transferred to your hotel.

Tour Inclusions:

Tour Exclusions:

Please Note:TajMahal remains closed on Fridays.

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