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Destinations:Dharavi slum,Mumbai

Tour Duration: 04-05 Hours

If you come to Mumbai as a tourist for a few days and you spend your time in the high-born southern tip of the city, around the Gateway of India and Marine Drive, it is easy to forget that a big part of the urban population in India lives in slums and has to fight for a source of revenue every day. Around 60% of the citizens of Mumbai live in slums and Dharavi, with a population of at least half a million, probably has become the most famous one of them, especially after the success of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. The tour is broken up into two parts. In the first part the guide takes you through the commercial area of the slum. particularly dissipate recycling is a big business in Dharavi and the residents and workers who search materials from all over the city bring them to the little workshops in order to clean, process and recycle them, from old aluminium cans to plastic chairs. But also goods like biscuits or pottery items are produced in Dharavi. The visit of a roof right in the center of the settlement allows you to get an impression of the vast dimensions of the place and the number of people who must be working and living there. On the tour you will be guided by the local Guide who will be fluent in English. With his amazing knowledge that you experience the sights and facts of Dharavi as only a local of the Mumbai would. The Slum tour leaves from a central locality in Mumbai and takes you through the main place of the slum, making you aware its history, bringing you in contact with its people and introducing you to its way of life& their standard of living.

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